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Digital technologies are profoundly changing our daily life, our way of working and doing business, the way we understand and use our natural resources and environment and the way people interact, communicate and educate themselves. 

Therefore, the Digital Europe Programme aims to deploy a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs offering, for public and private organisations all across Europe, access to technology testing and support in their digital transformation. A European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) has as its objective to support, on a large scale, the digital transformation of companies (especially SMEs and small mid-caps) and/or public sector organisations conducting non-economic activities.

In order to participate in this network and to assist the digitalisation of the European Union and its members, all Member States and Associated Countries are requested to designate a number of potential EDIHs that respond to the demand of industry and public sector while taking into account existing assets and National priorities. 

This Open Call will serve as the first (national) phase of a two-stage selection process, falling under the Digital Europe Programme (2021-2027) whereby EU Member States select candidates, based upon an open and competitive process. Nationally selected candidates are then invited (phase two) to participate in a restricted call issued by the European Commission. These calls will be issued later this year.

Call Document:

Interested candidates are invited to download the EDIH EOI Document​  and submit their proposal below.

Call Deadline:

All submissions should be uploaded by midnight on Friday 30th July 2021.

Contact details:

Any queries or clarifications should be addressed to the Secretary of the EDIH Evaluation Committee and sent via email on (It is important to note that the final document should not be submitted via this email. Only documents submitted through the form below, by the deadline stipulated, will be considered valid.)​