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For over a decade the European Commission has been championing measures to create a more entrepreneurship-friendly business environment in order to promote economic growth and jobs. This issue currently lies at the very heart of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the flagship framework policy of the Commission for the coming decade. Buying an existing company is an alternative way of starting a business.  It is often more advantageous than starting from scratch. Every year, around 450,000 firms and over two million employees are transferred to new owners. However, up to one-third of these transfers may not be successful. The European Commission believes that it is just as important to support transfers as start-ups because they are equally important to the EU economy.
The aim of the conference, which will be held in Malta on the 17th of March 2017,  is to discuss, debate and exchange best practices in the following thematic areas in view of the Single Market, with an aim to: 
• Identify the main obstacles for a successful transfer of ownership of businesses from one owner to the next - be it to members of the business owner’s family or to third parties (e.g. employees). 
• Identify the reasons for failed business transfers. 

• Identify which businesses (according to size, occupation, sector, legal form/ownership structure, etc.) are most vulnerable to transfer failure. 

• Propose business support and policy solutions to respond to the obstacles.

Business transfers and family businesses have been a long standing subject of debate within the Commission and Parliament.  This conference will be the suitable environment to bring together all the key stakeholders to discuss this key subject, raise continued awareness and collate findings from the targeted delegates to further strengthen policy direction in this sector.
This website is part of the project 'Business Transfer Conference' which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).